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About Stephen Lee
A former barrister, Stephen Lee forsook the courts of law for the laws of nature to become a writer and photographer, specialising in mountains and landscape. Diving under polar icebergs with walrus, penguin and polar bear, trekking in Patagonia, Yosemite and the Himalayas – these have all been in a day’s work for Stephen.
He has published four travel books, numerous travel articles and photographs in national newspapers and magazines, from Geographical to the Great Outdoors, The Times, The Financial Times and The Guardian, among others.
Some thirty years on, Stephen has lost none of his passion and enthusiasm for wild natural landscapes. Having sold his gallery on the Isle of Wight, Stephen now works regularly in the French Alps, the South Downs or wherever his camera takes him – most recently to Zambia and Namibia (on safari with friends), where many of the pictures in this exhibition were taken.

African landscapes at The Oxmarket Gallery
We all know what an elephant and a rhino look like. There are many excellent wildlife pictures in existence - taken by lucky amateurs who happened to be in the right place at the right time or professional wildlife photographers who have spent a lifetime shooting wildlife through the camera. I have not tried to compete with these during a three-week safari when it was rarely possible, for safety reasons, to leave the vehicle. Of the thousands of pictures I took I have selected only those which either show interaction between animals or the animals in the context of their environment or showing the intricacies of their skin. I have also experimented with presentation of the prints. Some I have displayed in black-and-white as well in colour, others on canvas. The effect can be quite different - it is surprising how effective black-and-white can be when texture and form are the main elements of the picture.

How I work.
This is the first exhibition in 30 years where I have shown work from digital originals. Normally I work with old-fashioned film cameras – the Hasselblad and the Fuji Panoramic - which both produce huge, high quality original transparencies. These allow me to make much better-quality enlargements than even the best digital cameras will allow. I will continue to use large-format film cameras as long as I can obtain the film and get the transparencies processed.
Apart from getting the film processed by a professional laboratory in London, I do everything else myself – scanning, giclee printing on archival paper with pigment inks, as well as framing my images, in order to keep tight control over the results and the end product. My prints are limited editions.
The core of this current exhibition is my latest work from Africa, but I am also showing other work from Mt Kenya, The Himalayas, Yosemite, New England, The French Alps and Chichester Harbour.
Stephen personally frames all his photographs in his own studio, bringing to your chalet or home the splendour of the mountains. All pictures are for sale, framed or unframed, and can be delivered world-wide.

En Francais...Stephen LEE Mountain Photography, Meribel, Trois Vallees, France.
"Le Photographe qui venait du froid". En premier lieu sont venues les montagnes, puis la passion et enfin les photographes. Le photographe de paysage Stephen Lee, équipé de ses peaux de phoques, se met en quête de scènes spectaculaires sous des lumières toujours plus belles. A l'aide de ses appareils photo dotés d'objectifs grand angle et panoramique, Stephen a créé depuis 30 ans de fabuleuses images de montagne de Méribel jusqu'en Himalaya. Stephen encadre dans son propre atelier ses éditions limitées, apportant à votre intérieur la splendeur des montagnes. Toutes les images sont en vente et peuvent être livrées dans le monde entier.'

About Stephen Lee

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Photographer Stephen Lee with Panoramic Camera, Etosha, Namibia
Photographer Stephen Lee with Panoramic Camera, Etosha, Namibia