Option Price Details
All prints are available unframed or framed.
We offer five principal choices of framing material, all of which complement the photograph but with sufficient variety to match your own interior decoration.
No 1. Black Ash and No 2 Plain Ash at the price quoted in the picture description.
We offer three new frames this year. Please see Alpine images/Courchevel for examples of No 3, Contemporary Aluminium, No.4 Vieux Chalet and No.5 Vieux Chalet Gris.
No. 3. Contemporary Aluminium, No 4. Vieux Chalet and No 5. Vieux Chalet Gris, all at Euros 30/£UK 20 supplement in addition to the normal black ash price.
All framing is done by Stephen Lee himself in his studio. Vieux Chalet and Vieux Chalet Gris are his own inventions, made from Savoie Alpine pine, stained and waxed for a fine rustic finish (Vieux Chalet) or a distressed grey finish (Vieux Chalet Gris).